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Uphill Rush 9


Move as fast as you can

Uphill Rush 9 is the new version of the game series of the same name. This version brings you thrilling races. You will start the game by riding a horse.

When you start the game, you will own a horse instead of a sports car. As in the previous versions, reaching the destination for a short time to pass a level. Of course, you may face tons of challenges on the way. Just move forward and beat all of them. Let's collect a lot of money to change your vehicle.

Go through the finish line in Uphill Rush 9

The road to the destination isn't too far. However, there are some objects in your way. Don't worry about them! I will guide you to overcome these problems

Kick objects out of the road

Some barriers and other objects will be put in the way. They can't destroy your vehicle or horse, so just go straight! Your vehicles will knock obstacles down. Don't stop because the finished time is very important. The shorter the time, the more stars you get.

Boost your speed

As I mentioned, it's better to complete the race in a short time. You can boost your vehicle or horse speed by pressing the space bar. Then, you must keep the character safe. You make sure your character is always balanced while going through ramps or falling from above. The game will end if the racer bumps his or her head on the ground.

Change new characters and vehicles in Uphill Rush 9

With coins you earn, you can purchase new characters and cars. The cool cars and powerful horses are in the shop. With some clicks, you will own them. Moreover, you also can upgrade your vehicle or horse with coins. Let's improve its acceleration, speed, balance, and boost. For me, Uphill Rush 9 is a must-try speed game. For a speed game, Geometry Dash Bloodbath is also an ideal choice.

Tips in the race

When you are in the race, you should note something here. The coins are put along the way. You can try to collect as many as possible, However, it doesn't mean you have to stop to grab all of them. The timer doesn't wait for anyone. Besides coins, you also can get some chickens and pumpkins in Uphill Rush 9. Let's check the checkpoint. Then, you can restart the game at the last checkpoint if you get an accident in the race.