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Temple of Boom


Let's start Temple of Boom battles! You own the best powerful weapons and use them to knock out all enemies who dare stand on your road. All the best!

Enjoy Temple of Boom 2-player mode

Playing single in the fighting game is typical and you might encounter games such as Raft Wars 1. Now, Temple of Boom gives another selection for you that is a 2-player mode. You and your friend will encounter one of three temples. Of course, you can choose your background before fighting. Who will be the winner? You and your friend are opponents of each other.

Kill Temple of Boom enemies

In 1-player mode, you must control the character to shoot up many monsters and foes in the temple. You can play in the campaign or endless temple. Instead of battling your friends, many gunners and monsters will attack you. Avoiding bullets and eliminating the dangers before they can hurt you is better. Don't forget to pick up some items and guns on the ground.

How to play Temple of Boom online

Player 1

WASD to move

Press W double to jump higher

S to pick up a weapon

C to shoot

V to switch weapon

Player 2

Use arrow keys to move

Press the up arrow double to jump higher

K to shoot

Down arrow to pick up a weapon

L to switch weapon.