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Raft Wars 1


Join Raft Wars 1 now! The thrilling fight between the fellows and pirates is happening in this game. You need to help the children to defeat the bad guys.

What happens in Raft Wars 1

Simon is a cheerful little fellow. He's having a fun afternoon at the beach. He's about to make an amazing discovery that will change his life forever. He found solid gold and diamonds on the beach. The good news soon found its way into the papers. The pirates read the news and they want to steal Simon's treasure. Simon and his brother must team up to defend what is rightfully theirs.

Knock out the enemies in Raft Wars

You and the pirates will stand in two front lines facing each other. Let's use the cannon to shoot the enemies in this game. Your bullets are the balls and you need to aim correctly. The pirates won't be in your vision and you must estimate the angle. You will observe the enemies' position first and then shoot.

Ensure each correctly shot

The pirates will attack you back. They may use dangerous guns to shoot or throw weapons. Therefore, you must knock out the enemies before they can attack your character.

Buy upgrades

You can upgrade things such as grenades, rockets, or boats. These upgrades can help you much in your battle. You need to have enough coins to purchase them. Are you ready for the many challenging levels in this game? After mastering this battle game, you can relax with a Water Sort Puzzle.