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Smash Karts


Battle of the Karts

Smash Karts is happening battle of armed karts. The task of each player is to drive and attack enemies in the playing field. Defeat as many enemies as possible!

There are a lot of multiplayer games out there these days. However, you must try two popular games: Shark.io and Smash Karts. If you will transform into shark in Shell Shockers, Smash Karts will turn you into lovely cartoon characters. These characters will drive karts that look like open-top racing cars. The difference is that they are equipped with modern weapons. Therefore, you can move and shoot enemies at the same time.

Drive and fire in Smash Karts

There is no game as exciting as a multiplayer game. You will have the opportunity to show your abilities to many other players around the world. Show yourself as a talented racer and professional shooter. Move your character around the map to open mysterious boxes. These boxes will contain powerful weapons. The guns and cannons can only be fired once. Then you have to keep catching another weapon. If you stand in one position for too long, you might get shot

Features of Smash Karts

This game has a lot of interesting features that you cannot find in other multiplayer games. Do you wonder what they are? Now, I will introduce them below.

The matches

Each battle has a time limit. So whoever kills the most opponents wins. If your character is killed, you will return to the match after shoulder seconds. In addition, you can also choose stages like Lava Pit, Steky's Speedway, Smash Fort, Smash Island, etc.

Play with friends

You can create a private room. Then share the room ID to your friend. If not, you can enter your friend's room ID to enter that room. This will help you and your friend have a good time together.

Simple control

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press spacebar to fire

Let's aim the weapon at the enemy to shoot. If you don't have a weapon, it's best to run away. For stages with dangerous positions like Lava Pit, you should move carefully.