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Slingshot Vampire


Pull and push in Slingshot Vampire! You will help a monster to escape from raising lava. Use the hooks to keep the monster safe, but you need skills to do it.

Steps to rescue Slingshot Vampire monster

The little monster is tied to a slingshot and you shoot it higher and higher. Use the hooks on the wall as the foundation to stretch the slingshot. Lava will rise very quickly, so you don't have much time to think and estimate. The quick reflex is necessary for this game. Shooting the monster from one hook to another hook is a must-do task. Don't let the monster fall down because you can't make sure it will hook into the peg or fall into hot lava. Moving through the coins to collect them.

Be aware of obstacles

Besides hooks, you may face the saws on the way. The saws or wood logs stand in your way. If you touch one saw, your character will disappear immediately. The green bubbles can bounce your character, so you can utilize them to reach higher places.

How to shoot the monster

Click and hold the left mouse button to aim at the destination. Then, you can drag the mouse to rotate the character. When you define the direction, release the button to shoot.

Purchase new characters in Slingshot Vampire shop

This game allows players to buy new characters. Bat monster is available and you can unlock others such as mummies, vampires, etc. Of course, you need to get enough coins first. For more cute characters, you should play Blumgi Castle where you can encounter many Blumgi characters.