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Blumgi Castle


Blumgi Castle is a fun game where you have to eliminate all your castle trespassers. Don't hurt yourself with bombs and weapons! Come and enjoy now!

Play Blumgi games

Blumgi games aren't strangers to online game lovers. These games are designed with many fun characters and the graphics are the main attractive features of these games. Today, I want to introduce Blumgi Castle where you will protect your castle. With addictive gameplay, this game is a perfect choice for anyone in their leisure time. Besides, Microwars also can help you clear your mind after a long day.

Blumgi Castle gameplay

Some trespassers are in your castle. What should you do now? Grab the bombs and throw bombs on them! Throw properly! Otherwise, you will be hurt by your bombs.

Attract enemies

You will adjust the angle and force to throw bombs into the foes. Based on the distance between the character to the enemies, you will choose the correct direction of the bomb and the force. Sometimes, you don't need to directly attack enemies. You can destroy the platform where they are standing.

Pass the levels to unlock characters

There are many cute characters with simple drawings. You need to reach certain levels to open these characters. With their funny expressions, these characters will make you smile.