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Run Rich 3D


Become rich in this game

You can easily collect money in Run Rich 3D. You try to grab a lot of cash on the road to become a rich person. Then, you can even become a millionaire.

Being rich is a dream of many people in the world. However, it's hard to come true in real life. Therefore, this game is designed based on this topic. However, the cash will be on the way instead of you having to work. Actually, you still face some challenges when collecting money in this game.

Reach the finish line in Run Rich 3D

You only have a short road to grab as much cash as possible. To level up, you have to come to this destination with a lot of money. Otherwise, you have to restart that level.

Collect cash

You can see a lot of cash is scattered on the road. You just need to control the character through cash to get them. Moving the character quickly and accurately is very important. The cash position will be random on the way.

Avoid some dangers

These dangers won't hurt your character but they will decrease the money you have. They can be the robbers on the road. If you collide with them, they will rob your money. Other factors such as burgers, wine, parties, and so on can negatively affect your pocket. However, you also can make smart decisions to earn money.

Upgrades in Run Rich 3D

There are three upgrades for you: initial treasure, reduced prices, and increasing. You will use your money to purchase them. Remember to try Ninja Frog after you finish the Run Rich 3D game.