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Ninja Frog


Start adventures with a special ninja

Let's conquer Ninja Frog with your character. The frog has the skills of a ninja who is the main character in this game. Let's overcome many challenges!

I think you will love this game on the first try. The colorful background and cute character will make you come back to this game. The background is designed with a classic style. The frog's adventure will start here. Tons of deadly traps and enemies are on your way. What will you do to get the final victory?

Complete your adventure in Ninja Frog

Each level has a unique journey. Of course, you must go to the end of the road to finish a level. The road isn't smooth. So, take care of your character!

List some obstacles

You can see many shark spikes on the road. They can break anything, even your ninja. Besides, the moving saws are also obstacles you need to overcome. Be aware of some other animals because they will attack you. Some animals just can move in a certain area while the others will actively hit your characters.

Tackle problems

To pass the traps like saws or spikes, you just jump over them. Let's look at the saw's movement first! For enemies, you can try to avoid them or attack them back. To beat them, just jump on their heads.

Collect apples of Ninja Frog

Besides facing the problems, grabbing the red apples is also another mission. These apples can be easily seen on the road. However, they are also hidden in the wood box. Break these boxes to get the apples. You can't destroy the iron ones, so don't waste time. The timer is limited in Ninja Frog! You can join another adventure in Vex Challenges after completing this game.