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Pingu & Friends


Help the little characters in this game

Several small animals in Pingu & Friends are trapped in an endless pit. Help them jump on the platforms to get out of here. You will meet a lot of animals.

Our lovely characters have fallen into a hole and they need your help. They can't fly, so how can they get to the top of the hole? This is an endless game, so you need to help these animals move as far as possible. There will be many stages with new animals waiting for you to discover.

How to play Pingu & Friends

This game seems simple but the difficulty will increase with the distance you go. Your task is to score as many points as possible.

Jump on the platforms

The penguin and his friends can't fly. Therefore, they will take advantage of the platforms to jump up. These platforms will appear from either side. When they get close to your character, jump. If you miss them, they will appear again. However, make sure your character is safe first.

Character balance

The platforms will be of different lengths and they will overlap. A platform stack that is too high can cause your character to fall. In addition, if they are not lined up, they will fall. However, if you switch to a new stage, the old platforms will be fixed automatically.

Game control

Click the left mouse button to jump the character. Of course, you must estimate the proper position to jump in Pingu & Friends. I also want to introduce another game with simple control which is Uphill Racing 2.