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Parkour Block 5


Get lost in the world of Minecraft

Parkour Block 5 is the latest version of the series of the same name. You will have to perform parkour in a dangerous place where hot lava flowing around.

You probably know the game Dreadhead Parkour where you will perform jumps. If you play third person in that parkour game, you will experience first-person parkour jumping in this game. The graphics here are extremely familiar because it is based on the style of Minecraft. This world is extremely dangerous and you have to escape from this place by portal.

Parkour Block 5 gameplay

In this game, you will use jumps to reach the destination. You must be very careful and skillful or you may fall into the lava flow.

Jump from block to block

On the lava flow, there are multiple blocks that are spaced apart. They are the road that you must cross. You will control the character to jump from block to block. By all means, you must go through the purple portal. Estimate the distance to get the right jump. When playing in the first person, it is harder for you to determine your position. This is also your challenge.

Choose the mode

This game has 3 modes for you to choose from. They are level select, speedrun mode, and hardcore mode. Each mode of Parkour Block 5 has different features. However, you all have the same goal in all modes: to go through the portal.

Game control

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.