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Dreadhead Parkour


Dreadhead Parkour brings a unique character to players. Run, jump, and slide overcome all obstacles and deadly spikes along the way. Reach the finish line now!

Steps to win Dreadhead Parkour game

You just need to complete two steps here, this game isn't hard for you. What are they?

Overcome Dreadhead Parkour challenges in any way

The way is never smooth and you have to face tons of dangers. You must keep your character safe through these traps. You can make a long jump over the spikes. Besides, you can get momentum by breaking a few wooden bars in the way. Remember that your character will die when you collide with these bars from a short distance. Your character will run very fast. Therefore, you should stop at some position to observe the traps.

Collect coins and stars

You will collect coins and stars as in Poor Bunny. Of course, they aren't too important in completing a level. However, coins are the only ways to purchase new characters in the shop. The new characters are very expensive, so you must grab as many coins as you can. Sometimes, you can watch short ads to unlock some characters.

Game control

  • Use the left and right arrow to move forward and backward
  • Press the up arrow to jump over
  • Press the down arrow to slide down.