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Moto X3M


Moto X3M gives you a chance to become a racer who makes many cool stunts. Don't bump your head unless you want to lose this game. Let's enjoy this feeling!

Reach the finish line with crazy speed

High speed is always a deadly danger, but it gives people excitement. Now you can enjoy a great time with this Moto X3M game. You will drive your racing car to reach the finish line. The path to the finish line will be as difficult as when you want to pass the level in the game Red Ball. You will have to go through many difficulties to pass a level. Giant gears or deadly obstacles will take turns putting you in danger. But I believe you will be the winner of this racing game. Always keep moving forward and stop only when necessary.

Moto X3M character balance

The character in this game is not invincible, so he can still get injured if he hits his head on a hard object. To avoid this from happening, you should tilt the character cleverly. You should stop at the stop sign because the dangers are in front of you.

Ways to ride a motorbike

  • Press the right arrow key to tilt right
  • Press the left mouse button to tilt left
  • Use the up and down arrow to move forward or backward

Buy new Moto X3M characters

In the shop, you even can change the character as long as you get enough stars. You can get stars after finishing a level. However, the complete time must be short to gain more stars. If the time last too long, you even can't get one stars. Have you ever seen a ninja ride a motorbike? You can see it if you have many stars. Good luck and have fun!