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Red Ball


Red Ball is an adventure game where your mission is to help a ball. Roll it to the destination now! Can you solve many puzzles along the road?

Start the Red Ball journey

Your character isn't a warrior like Blockpost You will guarantee a red ball's safe. To complete a level, the ball must roll to the finish line which has a red flag. Of course, you must walk through hundreds of gaps and spikes along the way. Your ball only has 3 lives. If the lives run out, you must restart that level. Now, the red ball is waiting for your help.

Some tips and tricks in Red Ball

  • You may encounter many square monsters on the road. They will guard where you go through. You can jump over them or jump on their heads to kill them.
  • For some high positions, you can use the chests and wooden bars as the foundation to reach them. Each chest and bar have different roles, so don't pull them into the space or water.
  • Collecting stars can help you unlock more characters.

Game control

Use WASD or arrow keys to control the ball. The children also can play this game because this game has very cute graphics. I know another game with impressive graphics that is Appel. Take a blast and share these games with your friends now!