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Gold Miner


Become a gold miner

Gold Miner is a classic game where you can reel as much gold as possible. You just need a basic tool to take all the gold under the ground. Have fun!

This is probably the game that makes many people think about their childhood. To add more excitement to this game, you can even play with another friend on the same device. You will play the role of a professional gold miner and mine huge underground mines. Use your skills to win this game. Besides this game, you even can enjoy Jugar Snake which is based on the classic snake game.

Reel the gold under the ground in Gold Miner

You will meet familiar characters in this game again. An old man with a tractor will be the main character. Help the old man pick up the gold nuggets.

Aim and drown the hook

Gold nuggets will appear in different positions. They also have different sizes. Therefore, it is very difficult to hook them. The bigger the gold nugget, the higher its value. However, these valuable nuggets are often in hard-to-reach locations. Your hook will swing continuously. As soon as it is in a straight line with the gold, click the left mouse to hook the gold. As long as you reach the required amount, you can go to the next level.

Buy some items in the Gold Miner shop

For miners, the help tools are indispensable. In this game, you can find them at a man's shop. For example, you can buy explosives to detonate low-value stones. If you don't buy anything at the store, the salesperson won't be happy.