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Free Birds


Test your archery skill

Free Birds is a fun game where your mission is to rescue many captured birds. You only need to shoot arrows at the ropes to free these birds.

For you, is archery or shooting more difficult? You can find the answer by playing Space Shooter and this game. You can enjoy two modes here. To complete the mission, you must free all captured birds in cages. You can break the cages because they are so solid. The ropes can be short or long and sometimes they are in the hidden position. Only pro-archers can shoot correctly.

Save the birds in Free Birds

There are many cages that contain many birds. These birds want to fly in the sky, not in these cages. Therefore, you need to act now!

Aim and shoot the rope

If the rope breaks, the cage will also be destroyed. You will use the mouse to adjust the arrow direction and shoot. Sometimes, you don's attack directly at the rope. You will activate the arrows to destroy other cages. Just shoot in the arrow icons on the screen to active the trap.

Choose the modes

You can play endless more or level mode. In level modes, you need to save all birds to pass a level. You only have three lives for each level. If you miss an arrow, you will lose one life. For endless modes, you can play until you don't want to play anymore. There is no limited time or life. Just shoot as many as you like.