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Adam and Eve


Get ready for Adam's adventure

Adam and Eve bring you an exciting adventure in primeval times. You see many ancient things like dinosaurs. Many challenges are waiting for you.

Do you love adventure adventures? The setting here will also be the forest like in Jungle Boy. However, you will see large dinosaurs in your adventure with Adam. He needs to find his way home to Eve. Along the way, many challenges and enemies will stand in his way. I firmly believe that you can help him overcome many difficulties and challenges. Don't forget to collect food to reserve for the cold winter.

Going home in Adam and Eve

Adam's final destination is his cozy home. Eve is at home and waiting for him to come back. The road will never be smooth. You need to do many things to be able to escape from dangerous traps.

Go through the gates

There will be many portals on your way. You won't be able to open it without the key. Sometimes the keys will be right on the road. However, sometimes you have to exchange something with someone else to get the key. Get close to others to see what they need. Then you move Adam to find those that can be exchanged for the key.

Collect the fruits

Fruits are scattered on the road. You need to collect them. They will be Eve and Adam's main food source for the winter. Also, don't forget to catch the flower to give to Eve. She will be very happy. Although collecting fruit is not mandatory, it is also very important.

Beware of traps in Adam and Eve

You will probably encounter ferocious snakes. However, you will find a way to make them disabled for a short time. Take this opportunity, run through them as fast as you can. Don't let it fall into the air. Otherwise, you will have to start the level again. This game is not just an adventure game because it also has a bit of a puzzle nature in this game.