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Winter Gifts


Enjoy the merry Christmas atmosphere with meaningful gifts in the Winter Gifts puzzle game. Pass 27 levels of adventure to get special gifts.

Winter Gifts game brings a fun, warm atmosphere with attractive gifts in the cold winter. Gifts bring joy and hope for dreams to come true.

The player's task is to try to overcome all challenges to get gifts in different locations. Give those gifts to the children who are eagerly waiting.

You can fly and jump to positions with buttons so that the gift falls to where the children are standing waiting for the gift. There are locations where it is easy to get gifts, but there are locations where you need special tips to make successful jumps.

  • Observe the position of the gifts.
  • Find a way to move to a place where you can get gifts easily.
  • Make momentum moves to fly or jump.

At the first level, getting gifts is very simple, but as you go higher, getting gifts becomes more difficult. Jumps require precision to overcome the platforms and reach the location with the gift. If you fail, you can try again but it will take more time.

How to play

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard.