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Tennis Master


Play tennis online in Tennis Master! You can play this game with your friend or single through modes. You must score as many points as possible.

Select Tennis Master modes

There are three different modes for you. They are 1-player, 2-player, and quick match.

1-player mode

In this game, your opponents are the CPU. You can choose your character and the nation you will fight for. Then, you have two options which are a tournament and a friendly match. In a tournament, you must pass many elimination rounds to play in the final round. Friendly match offers you a chance to exchange skills with opponents.

2-player mode

You and another player (your friend or member of the family) will be opponents of each other. Who will get more scores in three rounds is the final winner.

Quick match

You have no options in characters or nations because they are selected randomly. Then, you will enter the match with random opponents. Let's test your luck!

Game control

Player 1

Use WAD to move the character

Press V to hit

Press B to smash

Player 2

Use arrows to move the character

Press L to hit

Press K to smash.