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Fight with enemies in this game

Superhot lets you play in the first person. You can attack close enemies or use your gun for long distances. Enemies can appear everywhere around you.

You will be alone and have to fight a lot of enemies. They are equipped with guns that can attack you at a distance. However, you can dodge these dangerous bullets. After all the enemies fall, you can challenge yourself in the next levels. Of course, if you are defeated, you will have to start over at that level.

Kock out the red men in Superhot

The characters that you have to destroy in this game are the red men. They are similar in appearance to humans but they have no eyes or noses. Their whole body is red.

Weapon Use

You can use your bare hands to hit your opponent. However, it is very dangerous if the opponent has a gun. You have to approach them to attack them manually. So, pick up the guns and aim. Each gun will have a limited amount of ammo. Thus, finding new gun is always necessary.

Keep you safe

Enemies can sneak up on you from behind. So, watch your surroundings before the qi moves. Remember that time moves when you move. Enemy bullets get faster the faster you move.

How to control in Superhot

To move, you can press the WASD. To shoot, just click the left mouse button. Besides, you just need to swipe the mouse to look around. For more games, you may like Bouncy Motors.