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Strikeforce Kitty League


Your mission in this game

Strikeforce Kitty League holds a contest between lovable cartoon characters. You will help your team achieve victory by training the members.

At the beginning of the game, the team of cats will have to fight the team of raccoons. The raccoons are on the side of the villain and their power is endless. At that time, the cats were weak and defeated. To be able to win the next matches, you must help the cat members become stronger. Feed the cats and exercise continuously.

Train the cat warriors in Strikeforce Kitty League

To be able to make cats strong, you need certain steps. I would recommend these steps to new gamers.

Eating is very important

Although exercise is important, kittens need to be fed first. Kittens automatically sit down to eat. Kittens cannot train if their energy is less than 25%. Click to start the next day, they will recover energy after eating! Cats need to eat before the fight. Click on the gong to call the team to the table.

Train different features

There will be 3 basic training lessons in this game. They are stamina, attack ability and speed. You can select icons to train the team. When the stats of the members are full, you have a very strong team.

Buy something in the shop of Strikeforce Kitty League

You can see there are quite a few different outfits. You can use the fish you have to buy these outfits for your kittens. Each suit adds an ability during the battle. If you love lovable characters, you can also try Kart Racing Pro.