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Sling Drift


Sling Drift is an endless racing track with special mechanics and classic turns. With just one tap, show off your ultimate racing ability in the harsh arena.

For riders who are passionate about speed, like adventure, like to confront difficulties, and especially like new experiences, Sling Drift is a great choice that fully meets all requirements.

Sling Drift offers a special racing track like never before. Many of the corners are extremely difficult and appear frequently. The player's goal is to conquer challenges and long distances as possible.

The player's mission is to conquer the endless racetrack. Go through curves with traction created by connecting the vehicle to the pole with a rope. A very special playing mechanism is only available in Sling Drift.

Good control of speed and determining when to connect the wire is important for players to overcome challenges.

Sling Drift is considered by experts to be an extremely difficult racetrack, are you confident enough to conquer this challenge? Play Sling Drift today

Tips for playing the game

  • Maintain a safe distance.
  • Determine the right time to drift.
  • Concentrate, observe, and react quickly.

How to control

Click and hold the mouse.