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Roller Baller


Roll earth to reach the destination in Roller Baller. Enjoy thousands of sparkling stars in the universe but don't forget your mission. Good luck to you!

Roller ball game

Online game lovers can't ignore the roller ball game called Roller Baller. You do not roll a normal such as a basketball, football, or tennis ball. The ball here is the earth. Sounds interesting, right? I believe this is one of the hard games you must try. It will examine your patience and control skills. I think that if you are angry, it's better to choose a relaxing game like Drive Mad. Challenging games like Roller Baller or Geometry Dash Bloodbath even can make you more annoying.

Rolling ball 3D

Your mission is rolling ball 3D to reach the end of the road. You must overcome many platforms which are randomly in the air. How to complete the tasks? Let's follow these guides:

Jump from one platform to another platform

This special ball can jump very high and far. Therefore, you need to adjust the force to jump properly. The ball may fall into space if you jump too far or too short. Then, you must restart that level. Sometimes, the platforms won't be flat. Therefore, you also need to look at the below to have the correct jump because you can't brake the ball.

How to roll the ball in Roller Baller

You will use the right and left arrows to move left and right. Press the up arrow to move forward and the down arrow to move backward. To jump, just press on the spacebar.

Some notes for beginners about Roller Baller

This game isn't too complicated for pro players, but newbies need some basic instruction. Besides gameplay, you also take note of some things here.

A leaderboard

This game has a leaderboard. To follow your rank, you can click on the leaderboard button on the main menu. The top players who complete a level in the shortest time will appear on the leaderboard. Although the timer is limited in the game, it decides your rank.

The game music

You can turn the game music and effect sound on or off. However, I think to have the best experience, you should turn on them.

Choose level and enter username

Before entering any level, you should type your username first. From that, when you finish level within a short time, your name will be on the leaderboard. You will unlock the level one by one and you can replay the level that you passed. Just choose the level in the main menu. Hope you will like this game and share it with your friends!