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Protect My Dog 3


Let's explore the game Protect My Dog 3, a product of TrendyGames company. Use strategies to protect your dog from dangers. Complete 100 levels of the game.

TrendyGames continues to launch Protect My Dog 3 with an increase in levels, difficulty levels, and many dangerous challenges.

Protect My Dog 3 was officially released on January 4, 2024. And players can play it on smart devices.

The player will protect the dog from the massive attack of bees, avoid the dangers of lava because it can burn the dog, and avoid sharp spikes. With the sole task of drawing protective lines around the dog, creating a solid layer of protection against all enemies that want to attack.

Skills in using a pencil and drawing solid lines also need to be practiced. Just a small gap is enough for bees to penetrate.

Protect My Dog 3 is a casual puzzle game but it is highly entertaining. Focus on practicing perseverance skills with a little more thinking.

Are you ready to protect your adorable dog? Join Protect My Dog 3 on our website.

How to play

Use the mouse.