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Moonstone Island


Come to Moonstone Island and explore more than 100 different islands with mysterious and interesting things. Build a beautiful island according to your wishes.

In an open world with over 100 islands to explore, Moonstone Island is the most engaging creature-collecting life simulation game of all time. Brings players great experiences when adventuring on the island. The most interesting thing is to participate in alchemy courses, Make friends, brew medicine, collect Spirits, and countless other useful activities.

Moonstone Island is a new world where players can spend all their time discovering new things and doing things they like.

  • Choose your own island and build houses in your own style.
  • Carry out flower and tree planting activities to serve in the preparation of medicine and winemaking.
  • Make friends and date with island residents, creating a vibrant lifestyle.
  • Moonstone Island offers a different travel experience using hot air balloons, brooms, and gliders.
  • Build, explore, collect, and loot items to upgrade yourself.
  • Upgrade and optimize characters with unique and different features and skills.

How to play

Use the mouse.