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Electron Dash


Description of the Electron Dash game

You will turn into an astronaut in the Electron Dash game. Jump, move left, or move right to avoid all deadly traps in a tube. Can you conquer this game?

Join an adventure in Electron Dash

Galaxy always contains many mysterious things, now let's discover them. To do it, make sure to check out Electron Dash. You will control an astronaut instead of an alien. You have to face some familiar problems such as gaps and weak platforms. Besides, the lasers are new challenges to you. In this game, there aren't character options. Therefore, you only play one character through this endless game. However, new challenges can attract you and bring a thrilling feeling to you. Come and enjoy this game now!

Guide to play Electron Dash online

As you know, you will run in an endless tube. You just run until your character dies. How long can you run in this game? You can look at the time on the top of the screen. On the way, you may see some problems such as weak platforms, gaps, and lasers. The weak platforms will fall down as soon as you touch them. You will fall into the space if you get into the gaps. Moreover, the laser can hurt your characters. All these challenges can take your heart. When you run out of hearts, the game will end. Don't too worry because you can collect the hearts along the way. Just go through them to collect them. To overcome difficulties, you can jump over them or change other sides. You have to thank quickly and choose a suitable solution for each situation. Therefore, to win this game, you have to reflex as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you must restart the game for many times. Good luck to you!

Some interesting information about Electron Dash.

  • This game is playable on the mobile or desktop. You can play it directly on the web browser without installing it. Just need a smart device connected to the Internet, you can enjoy this game all time.
  • With eye-catching graphics and easy gameplay, the game can attract many players in the world. Children also are able to play this game. They can have a relaxing time and improve their reflexes. They can practice their skills with another game which is Geometry Dash Bloodbath.
  • You can volume up or down the game music and sound effect. You even are able to turn them off. However, the music and sounds can make the game more thrilling.
  • Before joining the race, you should enter your username. From that, you can put your name on the leaderboard which shows the top players in the world. You can see the highest scores today, week, month or all time. We hope to see your name on the leaderboard. Have a great time!

Control character with keyboards

  • Press the up arrow to jump
  • Press the right arrow to move right
  • Press the left arrow to move left.