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Dynamons World


Start the monster war in this game

Dynamons World will show you adorable monsters. These are called Dynamons. You will become their trainer and participate in monster battles.

Battles are always a hot topic in online games. This game will give you a completely different fighting game. If you've watched the animated series Pokemon, you'll imagine the rules of this game. The dynamons in this game are inspired by the magical pets in Pokemon. Trainers will have to participate in Dynamons battles to become the best. Are you the best coach in the world?

How to become the best Dynamon Captain

There are many other trainers who want to become captains, so the competition will be fierce. You have to face extremely strong opponents. How can I win this game? After mastering this fun game, you can access Geometry Dash Bloodbath to have fun.

Power up your dynamons

Your pets will have different elemental powers. Although they appear harmless, their power is formidable. To be able to overcome stronger opponents, you need to level up your pets with Dynastons. Naturally, your pet needs to accumulate enough experience in the previous match. As the level increases, many new skills will be unlocked.

Expand your team

Your team is the dynamons. You not only have 1 pet, but you can collect many other dynamons. Trust me, never think to catch dynamons that already have owners. Wild dynamons are your target. You can catch wild beasts with elemental powers your team doesn't yet have.

Fight with others in Dynamons World

To earn more experience points, battles are inevitable. In each battle, you can switch the different dynamons in the team. Choose pets whose elemental power can overcome enemies. If the opponent is stronger than you, you can choose to run away. However, if you win, you will receive certain items. One more note for you, all attacks can be missed. Remember that only pets that participate in the battle can receive experience points. So you can switch between teammates continuously. Wish you become captain in this Dynamons World game.