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Crazy Cars


Crazy Cars is a game that offers a racetrack to all players around the world. You can drive your way in this game. There will be only you in this virtual world!

Driving has always been a topic explored by many game developers. There are different types of driving games. You will probably have to race cars and drive cargo trucks on bumpy roads. In Crazy Cars, you will not have a specific mission. Do what you like in this virtual world. You can crash into obstacles or perform cool spins. Perhaps this is the few of the games that do not require the player to complete a quest.

Drive at crazy speeds in Crazy Cars

In this game, you don't need to worry about the safety of everyone around you. There will also be no police here. You can drive at the fastest speed and crash into everything. This game will be a good measure to relieve stress.

Going up special tracks

You will not only see flat roads but you will also see obstacles. In addition, the roads are specially designed with the aim of challenging your driving skills. Vertical ramps such as walls, spirals, or bends will make your driving skills masterful. However, if you don't like them, you might as well not go up to them.

Collect the stars

There are thousands of stars scattered along the way. Of course, they are not obstacles or paths. They are your rewards. In this racing world, they are used as money to buy more new cars. You just have to go through these stars to collect them. The larger the star, the greater its value.

Interesting things in Crazy Cars

You think the game without quests would be very boring. In fact, this game is more interesting than you think. A lot of players agreed with this. Now let's find out what makes this game so interesting.

Change car

In the garage, there will be many different types of cars like the Huracan. Furious, Firebird, Evo, etc. They are all inspired by cool cars in the real world. Unfortunately, they are all very expensive. You even have to spend thousands of stars to be able to use these cars. However, with its cool looks and powerful engine, the money is well worth it. If you lack stars, you can watch the ad to get more stars.

Two-player mode

Playing alone is too lonely, so you can invite your friends to join. Let's tune into two player mode. Two people can explore this world of speed together and collect as many stars together. In addition, you can also join the race with your friend. There will be tracks like Flat Out, The Slide, Drag Race, Over Egg Mountain, Follow the Train, Kriss Kross or Pepe Silvia. Whoever gets to the finish line first will be the winner. We also have another speed game called Geometry Dash Bloodbath. If you love speed, you can try it.