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Connect Dots


Ready for a simple game called Connect Dots? You only need to connect the dots to complete a shape. Thousands of players give up when they reach later levels.

Connect Dots game

With different shapes, the Connect Dots game can beat any pro player. Each shape will have certain dots and lines link the dots. Your mission is to complete the shape by connecting the dots. However, it isn't easy to finish the mission. This game requires logical thinking and great memorization. There are many different ways to link the dots. You can try hundreds of times, but you have to remember the wrong way you tried. From that, you can have the correct strategy for the next try. This game also provides some other features such as a leaderboard, local save, and username

What you find can be on the leaderboard of Connect Dots

Many skillful gamers may know the roles of a leaderboard. Players can follow the rank of many pro players in the world. Your username also can be on the top of a leaderboard if you complete a level in a short time.

Save the data

On the main menu, you can see two sections which are the new game and the continued game. You will refresh all your game data when you click on the new game. Furthermore, you can continue your level by choosing the continue button.

Connect The Dots

Your work is to connect the dots on the screen. This work seems easy, but mastering it takes a lot of time. You have to ensure some principle to complete a level and connect the dots properly

No repeat of the connected lines

In Connect Dots, you can start at any point of the shape. However, not every point is a good place to start. You have to draw all the lines of the shape and you can't go over the connected lines. Therefore, you can make a strategy in your mind before starting to connect.

Use two supports

While playing the game, you can see two support items. One of them will clear all your connected lines. It means you will restart that level at the beginning point. You can choose the second support which will undo the connection you just drew. Two supports will help you much in this challenging game.

This is a peaceful game which is different from Geometry Dash Bloodbath which is a fast-paced game. Thus, I advise you should play this game if you just want to release your mind.