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Cluster Rush


Get ready for a high-speed platform race with jumping, sliding, and clinging skills in the Cluster Rush game. Conquer 35 levels with flexible reactions.

Cluster Rush brings a high-speed, fast, and thrilling gaming feeling. This is where players can demonstrate their ability to react quickly to all situations. An iron spirit is forged. A courageous spirit to face difficult challenges.

The goal is that in an extremely dangerous scene where the trucks are moving very fast, the player will jump from one truck to another and at all costs not fall out. The required accuracy is almost absolute. The jumps require agility and safety to ensure you land on the next car. Cluster Rush is like a chaotic world, to survive you need survival skills. Needs alertness and flexible response.

The game leads players from easy levels to difficult levels. High concentration determines the success of the jumps. Players will gradually be drawn into the extremely vibrant world with non-stop movement.


  • Attractive gameplay with a first-person perspective.
  • Fast-paced and exciting.
  • Practice reaction skills.
  • Beautiful graphics with enhanced visuals, and realistic gameplay.
  • Live sound

How to play

  • Move: Use left/right arrows or the A/ D key.
  • Jump/climb: Use the J key or spacebar.