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Angry Gran Run


Angry Gran Run is a game where an angry granny runs on the road. You have a right to kick any people out of the way. Be aware of some obstacles!

Angry Gran Run online

You can encounter the strongest granny in the virtual world when you play Angry Run Online. Look at the appearance of granny! She is very skinny and her hair turns gray. Don't judge a book by its cover! She may be more powerful than you. The character is very angry and unleashes her power. The grandma runs on the busy road but nothing can stop her. Now, let's try this game to experience the strength of Grandma. This game isn't too hard for you, it's time to play Geometry Dash Bloodbath.

Help Angry Gran Run's grandmother

What makes Grandmother angry? Who knows? I don't know. However, don't worry about it. Your final mission is to control her to overcome all obstacles on the road.

Avoid the obstacles

On a busy road, many vehicles and people always exist. Sometimes, you can see two people carrying a big surfboard or you also encounter a huge hot air balloon. With the objects, it's better to slide or jump over them. You also need to move cleverly on narrow roads.

Earn coins

As in the normal running game, you have to collect coins on the way. Moreover, to get more coins, let's kick the goers out of the road. With many coins, I'm sure you can buy a lot of things in the store.

What you can find at Angry Gran Run's store

In this game, coins are used to purchase many items and even costumes. Now, I will introduce details about the items and costumes in this game.

Buy Angry Gran Run's items

I will divide items into power-ups and consumables. You can buy slow time, sprint, invincibility, coin multiplier, magnet, and multi-coins for power-ups. All of them have different advantages. For example, it's possible to add double-value coins after 2000m by using the Multi-coins.

How about Consumables? They are mystery tokens, double jumps, resurrections, boosts, permanent boosts, etc. You can follow the advantages of them when you enter the store.

Change Angry Gran Run's costume

The costumes in this game aren't for decorating because they can bring benefits on the run. I want to list some names of customs here: Hippy Gran, Thriller Gran, Wonder Gran, and so on. When you use the Wonder Gran character, you can increase your score multiplier by 1. The Thriller Gran costume will increase your score multiplier by 2.

Use the keyboard to control Gran

  • Use AD to move left and right.
  • Use the left and right arrows to turn left or right.
  • Press the up arrow to jump over
  • Use the down arrow to slide under.